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How to improve your Express Entry Score for Canada immigration?

If you are a Dubai worker looking to migrate to Canada through any of the programs like Federal skilled workers; federal skilled trade; and Canadian experience class, you should apply through the Express Entry System. This is an online application management system that ranks the candidates applied based on a score given to each individual on the basis of their age, work experience, language proficiency, admissibility, and adaptability. canada immigration consultants in dubai can guide you to successfully complete the Express Entry process. However, it is important to know the areas to be improved to increase your Express Entry Score. Some of the techniques are listed below.

Areas to be improved to get high Express Entry Score
• Language ability – To pass the language ability test, you need to have a CLB score of at least 7 in either English or French. This can get you 290 CRS points. However, if you strive and develop your language ability in either English or French, you can increase the CLB score up to 10 so that the more CRS points can be obtained.
• Education – Education brings you a score of 230 CRS. If you get an additional degree or pass the Education Credential Assessment, more CRS points will be gained. So, having good educational qualification will help.
• Work Experience – Reliable documents of your current work experience with proper references can increase the CRS score. Try not to fake any documents that can cause a great decline in the score.
• Job offer – Having a job offer from a Canadian employer can get you to supplement points of up to 200. The more valuable the job offer is, the more points you will get.
While the normal CRS scores will be enough to pass through the entry, having an improved score can always be helpful in confirming the approval.

June 26, 2020